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The Nick Bio "Larger Than Life"

Special Talent: Burping on command

Fav Cologne:  Gravity

Half sis named Ginger

Natural Hair Color: Golden Brown

Sometimes hates being called Nicky

Full Name: Nickolas Gene Carter

Nicknames: Nick, Nicky, Chaos or Kaos

Birth Date: January 28, 1980

Zodiac Sign:  Aquarius

Birthplace: Jamestown, New York

Most Current Residence: Ruskin, Florida

Hair: Blond(duh)

Eyes: Beautiful Baby Blue

Parents: Bob and Jane Carter

Sibs: Bobbie Jean(BJ) Aaron Leslie and Angel(Aaron's twin)

Millennium element: Water

Special trait: Nick is the joker of the group, which is why the guys call him Kaos.

Special skill: certified scuba diver

Musical Instrument Played: Drums

Perfect Mate: She has to like aquatic activities to keep up with Nick's passion for the beach-and, oh yeah, it wouldn't hurt if she knew her way around an arcade!


Music: Alternative

Singer: Steve Perry

Song: The Cure "I will Always Love You"

Musical Groups: Boys II Men, Nirvana, Journey, Wu-Tang Clan

Book: Living Free

Type of Clothes: Nike, Phat Farm

Food: Extra cheese pizza

Cereal: Count Chocula

Movie: Aliens, Braveheart

TV show: Mad About You

Actress: Sigourney Weaver(wow Lucky Her)

Ice Cream: Mint chocolate chip and chocolate chip cookie dough

Car: Camaro

Color: Green

School Subjects: Science, history, English, physical education

Least Favorite School Subject: Math

Sports: Water sports like scuba diving, football, horseback riding, basketball, baseball

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