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Nick's Intro to the book

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The Heart and Soul of Nick Carter


My Mother/Myself
Nick Carter

Did I sense that my destiny was different from other kids when I was younger? Good question.

Before the age of eight or nine, I really didn't know what my destiny was. How could I? I just went to school and lived the kind of normal, everyday life that boys that age live -- except that I loved music, listening to it and making it, particularly by singing.

The turning point was one day when I serenaded my mom from a tree stump. (She'll tell you all about it.) My mom believed in me. I wish every child could have a mother or a father who cares enough to spot his talent and help him develop it the way mine did.

I really didn't know where my talent would lead me at first. When I started to follow the music inside me, I took vocal lessons, but since I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted to do, I tried not only singing, but also acting.

My mother chauffeured me up and down from Tampa to Orlando, from Tampa to St. Petersburg, back and forth, more times than I can tell you. Often my chances of landing a part were less than slim. Mom agreed to let me try anyway. She spent money on traveling, on lessons, when our family didn't have extra. Our family business supported us for the basics. Our clothes and our food were taken care of, but there wasn't much left after that. Any extra money was almost always spent on me and my dream of becoming an entertainer.

When I became discouraged, Mom used to quietly ask me, "Nick, are you sure you want to do this?" Although it was hard work for a kid, I knew in my heart I did, so I always told her, "Yes."

When you are ten or eleven or twelve, you may know what you want to do. You may know where you want to go, but without someone to help you get there, you're stuck. I see many young people who don't do anything. They have no dreams. I had a dream and a mother who believed in me. I am living proof that with a belief in yourself and an adult to help, the sky's the limit.

My mom doesn't know this because I've never told her, but even though I was young, I realized what sacrifices she was making for me. I saw my mom and dad do without, so that there would be traveling money, money for vocal lessons, money for dance lessons. I wanted the day to come -- someday -- when I could make things better for them.

As you know, it has all worked out for the best. My mom has been very influential in my success. And so has my dad. I love my whole family -- but I not only love, I like my parents and I'm very grateful to them, especially my mom. Without them, I might not have achieved my dream so young. Maybe I would have achieved it when I was much older. Nick Carter, rising thirty-year-old star? I don't think so.

I could go out to a mall, and purchase something to show my gratitude to my parents. But what amount do you spend to say thank you for faith, hope, and love -- the things my mom gave me? No fancy car or piece of jewelry compares. So Mom, what I want you to know is that your love nourished me, your faith helped me focus -- and my hope and yours paved my way. That's what I want you to know, from my heart to your heart.

I am very grateful to be in this position. I want to thank all my fans.

Thank you.