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Polaroid and The Backstreet Boys Create a Picture-Perfect Partnership; Polaroid Inks Sponsorship Deal for Into The Millennium Tour

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Sept. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Polaroid (NYSE: PRD - news) announced today its sponsorship of the Backstreet Boys' sold out 39-city North American Sears Presents Backstreet Boys Into The Millennium Tour, capitalizing on the group's popularity, and further signifying the company's commitment to Generation Y.

The Polaroid I-Zone Instant Pocket Camera, the new pocket-sized instant camera that takes mini photo stickers, is the ``official camera of the Sears Presents Backstreet Boys Into The Millennium Tour.'' The camera will be featured on stage as part of the show, distributed at retail via Sears, Roebuck, and Company's Backstreet Boys in-store boutiques and utilized in consumer promotions throughout the tour.

``What's great about this strategic alliance is that Polaroid, Sears and the Backstreet Boys are all targeting the same consumer,'' said Dave Lucas, Vice President, Marketing, Polaroid. ``The new Pocket Camera is a very different product for Polaroid. We're going after an entirely new consumer and we want our promotions to be as innovative as the product. Sears and the Backstreet Boys are the perfect partners to reach kids, tweens and teens.''

Details of the sponsorship include on-stage visibility for Polaroid's Pocket Camera and distribution through Sears stores nationwide:

    * The Backstreet Boys will utilize the I-Zone Instant Pocket Camera in the
      Show during one of their songs.

    * The camera will be known as the "official camera of the Sears Presents
      Backstreet Boys into The Millennium Tour."

In addition, Polaroid and Sears have developed an agreement to feature a variety of Polaroid products in Sears stores across the nation:

    * Sears will feature the Pocket Camera in their Backstreet Boys boutiques
      In over 420 stores nationwide.

    * Sears will also feature a wide variety of products from the entire
      Polaroid product portfolio (PocketCam, one-step, popshots and film) in
      850 stores nationwide.

``We're very excited about our strategic alliance with Sears,'' said Lucas. ``Not only does it provide us with an excellent distribution vehicle for our products, together we plan to partner on promotions and public relations activities to support the Backstreet Boys' tour.''

Polaroid's Instant Pocket Camera, which was just awarded the National Parenting Center's fall 1999 seal of approval, is the centerpiece of the company's I-Zone product line. Created especially for kids, teens and tweens, I-Zone products are designed to encourage creative self-expression and extend the boundaries of imagination.

Polaroid Corporation, with annual sales of approximately $2 billion, is the worldwide leader in instant imaging. Polaroid supplies instant photographic cameras and films; digital imaging hardware, software and media; secure identification systems; graphics imaging systems; sunglasses and polarizes to markets worldwide.