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"I'll Never Break your Heart" cause You are the one I Pick Poem

NOTE: To whom ever wrote this poem. I got it out of a magazine called BOP and I don't know who wrote it so if you sign Carterville's Comments I will give you the reconision or if you want I will delete if. It's a great poem!!


You are the One I Pick

Nick you are the one,

the one wo shines like the sun.

Your eyes are so blue, no whonder I love you.

When I see your long flowing, blond hair,

I wish we were a pair,

You are like a shark that swims in the dark.

Your favorite color is green and you are never mean,

You are like a blooming flower, full of power.

I love you, Nick, I wish you had a double.

I also wish we could be a couple.

Your favorite food is pizza with extra cheese.

Will you be mine, please?

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