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i9.gif (3766 bytes)"Never Break Your Heart"i9.gif (3766 bytes)

To   apply to your Desktop:  Click image of your choice, Right Click, Click "Set as Wallpaper".  Then Enjoy wonderful Nick And BSB all the time.  Note:  Click the thumbnail Before proceeding with instructions above.

They Look a bit blurry but when you put them on your desktop they look awesome.

New Desktops

flamenickdsktp.jpg (158170 bytes)        bsbtheme2.JPG (482620 bytes)

Older Desktops


   nickbandb2-2.JPG (198251 bytes)                 chaosluv3.JPG (261771 bytes)                 bsbdsktp3.JPG (154055 bytes)                 cloudbsbdsktp.JPG (202038 bytes)

waternickdsktp.JPG (415397 bytes)        bluesquigle2dsktp.JPG (368142 bytes)         bsbdesk.jpg (355063 bytes)       

bluesquiglenick99.JPG (372816 bytes)        nblinedsktp4.JPG (105790 bytes)         nblinedsktpnickode2.JPG (349407 bytes)         squigglektbspadsktp.jpg (461351 bytes)

bluesquigledsktpbsbshape.JPG (107892 bytes)                    bluesquigledsktpshapebsb.JPG (99202 bytes)                    heartdsktpnick.JPG (84679 bytes)

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Updated: 05/06/01 3:41 P.M.

More desktops soon:)