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"It's True" to the Prank

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Could this "couple" have actually been Prank Called by our Lovely Nick?  You decide....


When Nick Carter played a trick on Justin and Britney on live radio, it created a controversy--and a mystery.----
    The saga started when Nick Carter was a guest DJ on a Florida radio station and prank called someone he identified as "Britney Spears" on the air.   The two minute prank call quickly became a popular Napster download, and the tabloids were all over it.

    Nick sounded surprised when a male voice answered the phone.  "Yo yo, I think it's Justin, I think it's Justin!" he whispered to his co-hosts.

"Yo, is Britney there?"  Nick asked.

"Uhh, who is this?" asked "Justin."

"This is uh.... DJ Kid Nicky," Nick stammered.

"Man, who is this?   For real!" He seemed irritated.

"Man, why don't you put Britney on the phone?"  Nick asked.  "Stop being all defensive!   What's wrong?  You afraid someone's gonna steal your woman?"


Then "Britney" is heard in the background.  "Justin?" she asked, curious about who he was talking to.  After another plea by Nick to put Britney on the phone, a fed-up Justin said, "Man, hold up." and passed the phone to Britney.  Still calling himself "Kid Nicky," Nick told her that his friend Dave wanted to go on a date with her and then made a rude reference to unconfirmed rumors she had breast implants.   He said his friend liked her "silicon valley!"

More Rudeness

According to the download, an angry Justin got back on the line.  "You better stop calling her, I'm serious!"  Nick then insulted Justin, by implying his friend would replace him as Britney's guy.

"Pretty soon your name's gonna be Dave!"

"Hang up!"   Britney yelled to Justin, before she again took the phone.  "How'd you get my number?"

"Oh, don't even try to act like you weren't giving away those digits last night!," a co-host pal of Nick's replied.

Click--Dial tone.

"Man!  I called her and she hung up.  That's messed up!"  Nick said.

Was it a hoax?

Star Magazine reported that Britney may have a trick up her sleeve for Nick.  But in a recent interview, Nick said, "It wasn't really Justin, it really wasn't Britney.  We just put somebody on a cell phone.  It was all in good fun."  Still, many insist it was really Britney and Justin on the phone, and that Nick is now just doing damage control.   Will we ever know the truth???


Twist Magazine pg 64 July 2001


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