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i20.gif (9933 bytes)Western Civ: Freshman Year; Mr. Gibbonsi20.gif (9933 bytes)

(Western Civ. with Mr. Gibbons was like trying to put a puzzle together!)

HH00351_.wmf (920 bytes)

Mr. Gibbons number one weapon.   Hitting desks with rulers.(How annoying)

AN00585_.wmf (7928 bytes)

Oh!  Look I came across a picture of Mr. Gibbons.  If that is what you would call it.


SO00091_.wmf (3316 bytes)

Our Third Period class were not angels

HH00492_.wmf (1070 bytes)

Gee this looks like the outlet that is by OUR wall.

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AKA: Keep The Best Song Pump_Up_the_Jam Alive

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