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When You've done "More Than That"

Are you an obsessed Nick Fan?

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1.  You think you are married to him.

2.  You believe he is god.

3.  You have met him more than 3 times.

4.  You have been to his family home more than once.

5.  You think you talked to him online, but really you found out it was a fake.

6.  You have your own web site that you think he visits on a regular basis.

7.  You think Nirvana rules cause he does.

8.  You have changed your fav color to green because of him.

9.  You have rearranged your room to have a palm tree next to your bed.(Just like him)

10.  You vote on TRL for the group more than five times a day.

11.  You think you saw him in a mall in FL and followed him around to turn out it was someone from school.

12.  You became a certified scuba diver.

13.  You have quoted him on more than one occasion.

14.  When you were 13 you tried to start your own boy/girl band with the correct elements.(One to young, one wild one, one civil one, and the related)

15.  You play video games all the time on your weekends and free time.

16.  Your favorite place just became the beach and ocean.

17.  When your lookin’ for a guy he has to be 6’1, blond, blue eyed, and sexy.

18.  You bought a bottle of Gravity and spray it on your pillows.

19.  You went out and bought Aliens and it is now your favorite movie.

20.  Your favorite Black and Blue song is Shinning Star.

21.  You started playing the drums.

22.  You get really excited when your horoscope says your compatible with Aquarius.

23.  You have suddenly taken an interest in Sigourney Weaver. (not sexual)

24.  You gave up Cheeseburgers and your new favorite food is Pizza.

25.  You started collecting football cards just because Nick does.

26.  You talk in a New York voice and tell people you were born there.

27.  You buy magazines but don't read them just look for the pics of Nick.

28.  You went to a 24 hour store to buy the Black and Blue CD.

29.  You decorate your room to compliment your posters.

30.  You visit the BSB site everyday just to see if anything is ever updated.

31.  You went to Burger King twice a day to see if you could get a new action figure, but if you couldn't you just settled for fries with there faces on the box.

32.  You sit at home on Friday Nights instead of going out just so you could learn the chair dance and the floor dance.

33.  You have 6 different calendars one for each boy and the group in your room.

34.  Half of your school supplies are Backstreet Boys merchandise. (EX. Assignment notebooks, pens, notebooks, folders, pencils, backpack, lunch box and paper.)

35.  You trade the collectors cards so that you can collect them all.

36.  You have created your own Backstreet Boys Theme for your computer.(Including sounds, icons, cursor, and desktop.)

37.  You have so many pictures in your room you and your parents had to make a contract to agree on the amount and space.

38.  You have your own Nick Carter Pillow.

39.  You have the Backstreet Boys Around the World Game and you have memorized it.

40.  You went out and bought a black light just so you could enjoy your black light poster of the boys.

41.  You decorated your jeans with stuff for the Backstreet Boys.

42.  You've decorated Candles and made a little mini shrine.

43.  You laminate your posters so that they won't get dirty and they will last forever.

44.  You buy yourself Birthday cards just so you can have the picture on the front.

45.  You own Christmas ornaments.

46.  Your CD travel case is BSB.

47.  You have BSB Luggage.

48.  You have a BSB VHS tape that you've taped every TV appearance.

49.  No One is allowed to touch the Nick Pillow.

50.  You own a singing poster.

51.  You have your own BSB scrolling Poster.

52.  You've read every single BSB book and know them by heart.

53.  You go to the music store everytime your at the mall jsut to see if they have any new BSB items.

27-53 are new

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